Thibaut Malet: SÖHKA

There is so much on Malet’s website that I want to copy into a post but SÖHKA is my favourite. I love products with an element of playful interactivity and adaptability.

“SÖHKA is a new lamp concept.

Composed of 5 pieces of wood and 60 rubber bands. No screw or any holding element, the rigidity is retains with the pressure of elastics, it make them even the facades of the lamp.

Each elastic’s movement give a new light and thus a new lamp. Its triangular shape gave its name, it allow him to stand in two positions, vertical or horizontal, providing new posibilities. Each element is completely dissociated, to optimize its recycling. It’s presented in a recycled cardboard packaging.”

10_905 5_905 11_905


Text in quotation marks and all images from Thibaut Malet’s website.


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