Crafts Council report: Studying Craft

Excerpt below from “Studying craft: trends in craft education and training. Summary report.”

“Education and training in crafts is of wide-ranging importance: it produces makers of the future, prepares those with craft skills for the wider creative economy and beyond, and develops the haptic and creative skills so important for all young people and their learning. The Crafts Council’s goal in this report is systematically to explore what has been happening in craft education and training in recent years, combining an analysis of the trends over a five-year period with case studies to illuminate those patterns. Our objective is not only to increase our understanding, but also to contribute to the debate about how best to secure creative education in general, and craft education in particular, through all levels of our education system. ” (from section 1)

” The aim of Studying craft: trends in craft education and training is to provide a comprehensive review of contemporary craft education in England, examining all stages of formal education and training from Key Stage 4 to postgraduate study (see the table below). The study considers trends in the provision of

and participation in craft courses for the last five academic years for which consistent data are available: 2007/08 – 2011/12 inclusive. ” (from section 2.1)


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