Sigrid Calon



With bright colours, dynamic patterns and visual impact of the multiple outcomes of this project, Sigrid Calon’s work has got a lot of press. It’s the limitations of the system that make me tick- the constraints she applies to create the process that guides the production of the work.

Explanation of the work present in her book ‘TO THE EXTEND OF / \ | & -‘ from Sigrid Calon’s website:

“This work arose out of my fascination for a grid. An embroidery grid, to be precise, with a minimal basic grating of 3 x 3 dots. With these dots, 8 different (embroidery) stitches can be made:

  • 1 x horizontal
  • 1 x vertical
  • 1 x 45° to the right
  • 1 x 45° to the left
  • 1 x 26.5° to the right
  • 1 x 26.5° to the left
  • 1 x 63.5° to the right
  • 1 x 63.5° to the left

When processed by the computer the stitches become lines and new graphic possibilities arise:

  • Lines can be repeated or joined to form a longer line.
  • Lines can be rendered with outline or without.
  • Lines can be reproduced as form or as in-between form.
  • Lines and in-between forms can be put on top of one another in layers.

To equal the intensity and craft of embroidery I am using the stencilling technique. The RISO machine provides the quality of the screen printing process and is as practical in application as a photocopier.

I have chosen to work with 8 colours:

  • fluorescent pink
  • blue
  • orange
  • brown
  • yellow
  • green
  • black
  • red

As a consequence, this gave me the opportunity to go further than the standard CMYK. The colour combinations have been the starting point for the book.

8 colours generate 28 two-colour combinations and 56 three-colour combinations. Four-colour combinations make 72 options appear.Out of these I have made a selection of 28 so as to have a good basic combination of 4 compositions per A3. Each colour combination in this book appears only once.

The colours have been printed in layers and can be rendered in full tint or in a gradation of 0 up to 99%. Having chosen a grid that is not that fine, you can experience to the full how new colours come into being.”


All images from Sigrid Calon’s website.


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