Styling and presentation

Preparing a PowerPoint about styling and presentation, primarily for the fashion and costume students but also for textiles. The aim is to encourage them to think about the nature of the work they’ve produced for exhibition and how they can best communicate and enhance its key characteristics. They need to consider whether to use a model or to style off the body, where to shoot the photographs, what to style the garments / fabrics / objects with, how to photograph them and whether to edit the photos after. The photos will be presented in their portfolios and potentially in the exhibition itself.

Initial image gathering via Pinterest and blogs….

pres images

Work / styling / photographs by / from: Robbie Porter, Sabrina Bongiovanni, Julia Hetta, Gareth McConnell, Marion Perlaki, Damian Foxe, Charlie May, Roversi, ALL Knitwear, Sarah Parker, Hasan Hajjaj, Miuniki and Another Magazine.

Featured image by Sarah Parker.

The group Pinterest boards: fashion/costume and textiles

My Pinterest Styling board


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