cari + carl

It’s been a hard few months developing the fabrics created through the Synthesis Project, the result of which is the launch of  cari + carl… cari + carl is a luxury fashion accessories brand specialising in knitted shawls and scarves. The knitted accessories are hand-crafted from luxurious materials, using enticingly tactile and intriguingly structural fabrics. The contrast of the unusual fabrics within simple shapes creates a striking yet classic look. The annual Autumn / Winter collections are produced to order in limited numbers.

‘braid + knot’  is the Autumn / Winter 2013-14 collection of luxurious scarves with braids and knots meandering through knit. Knitted strips move under and over each other, knotting and twisting together, creating linear, skeletal patterns within the fabric. Solid areas of knit are punctuated by voids, creating fabrics that are evocative of nets and lace. The voids alter as the fabric is moved, resulting in an aesthetic that changes depending on how the scarves are worn. The collection is composed mainly of extra large enveloping volumes, designed to enfold and cocoon the body, all made from luxurious merino wool with a touch of mohair, available this season in dark charcoal and light grey.

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