Synthesis Project

Synthesis (n): The combining of constituent elements or separate entities to form a complex, coherent whole.

Synthesis is an ongoing project exploring the potential of combining constructed textile processes. The project involves technique-focused design research projects and collaborative ventures. Workshops relating to the Synthesis project are designed to encourage students to playfully explore constructed textile techniques, resulting in innovative fabric development.

Textile structures have been compared to the structure of language: stitches like words, the combinations of these small elements resulting in complex coherent structures, like sentences, paragraphs, fabric. Using this metaphor, the Synthesis project seeks to create a new mixed language, one which references the constituent languages but synthesises them to create a new hybrid form.

The following fare examples of fabrics developed through exploring the synthesis of braiding and knotting with the knit structure. The processes were incorporated during the knitting process, so they are both structurally integral to the fabric. The resulting fabrics have a dynamic aesthetic created by the strips moving under and over each other, knotting and twisting together, creating linear, skeletal patterns within the fabric; the novelty of the fabrics lies in this three-dimensionality of structure. The solid areas of knit are punctuated by voids creating an interplay between positive and negative space, resulting in fabrics that alter greatly as they are manipulated. The structures are evocative of nets and lace, with the dense knit creating a strong contrast between fabric and void.

About 2014


If you are interested in getting involved as a collaborator or to discuss a workshop, please email cari [at]


* Language metaphor: Hemmings, J. (2012) The Textile Reader. London: Berg. pp.121.


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