Ponderings on craft

Personal ponderings on the nature of craft practice / craft object…

A craft object must be:

  • meticulously crafted, demonstrating the maker’s expertise with materials and techniques.
  • produced by an individual maker? The craftsperson is both designer and manufacturer. If the production is outsourced then their role becomes that of a designer.
  • unique. The craft object must be individual or unique, though it may be one of a series or produced in multiples. The nature of handmade work is that a repeat is rarely identical to the first. (Although does this challenge the view that the object must be meticulously made? If the charm of the craft object is in its lack of perfection?!)
  • beautiful…. An ‘object for contemplation’.
  • functional. Does a craft object have to be functional? Traditionally, perhaps so, but so many craft objects today are purely decorative, the pleasure of the viewer is gained from the beauty of the object.
  • it may also be conceptual. An object could be conceptual as well as all of the above (possibly with the exception of functional?). Grey area / overlap with fine art.

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