Sou Fujimoto Architects Inside/Outside Tree

“At the heart of traditional Japanese architecture is the concept of thresholds. Making reference to
‘engawa’ – a Japanese term for the platform that separates the house from the garden – the ‘Inside /
Outside Tree’ explores this notion of ‘in-between-ness’. The structure consists of polygonal sheets of acrylic bound together by cable ties. Its transparency allows us to view the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ at the same time, while the abstract tree form resembles low-resolution computer graphics. The interior surface of the hollow ‘tree’ is continuous with the exterior surface of the cube form that surrounds it. This allows us to stand outside the cube and inhabit the same space as the tree’s interior, and vice versa. Another theme that can be seen in the structure is the tension that can exist in architecture between natural, organic forms and man-made, digitally fabricated interventions. Commonplace cable ties emphasise the presence of the hand-crafted and the everyday.”

From the V&A Architect’s Build Small Spaces exhibition. Text and image from V&A website.


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