Mode en Module

London based duo, Matthew Gill and Ann Nelvig have merged their talents to create the quite unique and structural jewellery company with the name Mode en Module. Mathew Gill a graphic designer and Ann Nelving a fashion designer have a very dynamic and precise concept regarding their designs and what they stand for. The company’s moto is strong, vibrant and challenging with three words transforming fiction into reality due to the successful interpretation of these accessories.

The success of this line is mostly due to the loose structural forms that create an elegant order contrasting successfully with a dynamic design. Looking at the creations there is a distinctive language of wildlife survival through the pieces. The jewellery mostly consists of leather that is intertwined, weaved and shredded making the final outcome look like an intimate and personal object acting as a shield between the world and your inner self.

The pieces are constructed from soft materials showing all designers out there that it’s all about the design language and not the finish material. These accessories express dynamism and a sexuality which is raw and real. What you see is what you get, no hidden agenda no reading between the lines. Wearing these unique pieces makes you feel that you are part of a cult a group that has a moto and only you know the secret. They have a true character and a meaning that says something about the person wearing them. Creations that encompass a strong identity while keeping an absolute personal style.

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