Dominic Wilcox Canes

London designer Dominic Wilcox has spent 75 hours wrapping multi-coloured cotton thread around five walking sticks, which are on show at the YCN gallery in London.

Cotton thread is wound onto a wooden walking cane, one spool at a time. The thread is methodically wound tightly together to give the strength and finish of a fine material.Each cane is completely random from the others due to the making process of choosing each new colour one at a time. The process takes approximately fifteen hours in total. Each stick is signed and dated by Dominic Wilcox.

I always have enjoyed the concept of giving an object a second skin. The process of wrapping using a string, rope or thread in order to create a 3 dimensional shape was in my mind for a couple of months. I chose a walking cane partly because it is an object much overlooked by designers, perhaps it is seen as unfashionable or having negative connotations by some. I wanted to change that in this cane and make something that was confident and not embarrassed of its own existence.

I love the simple shape and curve of the bent wood which I think is highlighted by the thread. I do find that a great deal of my work requires some sort of obsessional behaviour. The process of wrapping the cane takes concentration and patience and I found it cleared my mind of all the stresses of everyday thoughts, which is a very good thing!

Dezeen article


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