Jenny West

One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty to Zero, an installation by Jenny West, was commissioned for the public atrium of the purpose-built embassy. Taking her inspiration from a visit to the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada, West decided to work with a single repeated motif. In previous works West had used domestic objects, such as kitchen utensils, to create large installations. In this instance her early engagement with the architects and designers, as well as inspiration gained from shapes found in Islamic culture, resulted in her choice of a ‘plumb bob’ as her starting point. The resultant sculpture, made from stainless steel, nylon and acrylic, is a sensitive and subtle response to the space and light within the building. Made up of 1440 hand-turned ‘plumb bobs’ suspended in 36 stepped rows of 40, the sculpture took the artist and an assistant nine days to install.


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